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Our Leaders

We take pride in having a dynamic group of skilled and seasoned professionals contributing to the overall success of our team.

Our key personnel combined have:

  • 66 years industry-specific experience
  • 14 years executive management experience
  • 18 years direct flight safety experience
  • 21,400 personal flying hours experience

Meet our Team

John Fenton John Fenton
President of Greenwich Aerogroup (Brasil)
22 years industry-specific experience
11 years executive management experience
Brazilian operations restructuring experience
ATPL/H Pilot/Line Instructor – 6,000 flight hoursPreviously held positions
Regional Director (Brazil), CHC Helicopters – 6 years
Business Unit Manager/Managing Director, Schreiner Airways BV – 5 years
Base Manager, Schreiner Airways BV – 5 years
Airline Transport Pilot/Helicopter, Bond Helicopters Limited – 5 years
Renato Clark Renato Clark
Director of Operations for Helivia Aero Taxi
15 years industry-specific experience
21 years helicopter operations experience
3 years operations management experience
ATPL/H Pilot/Line Instructor – 6,500 flight hoursPreviously held positions
Operations Manager, BHS Helicopters – 2 years
Chief Pilot, Líder Taxi Aereo – 1 year
Base Manager, Líder Taxi Aereo – 4 years
Airline Transport Pilot/Helicopter, Líder Taxi Aereo and BHS – 15 years
Military, Brazilian Army – 10 years
Wilson Rocha Wilson Rocha
Chief Pilot, Helivia Aero Taxi
20 years industry-specific experience
37 years helicopter operations experience
10 years flight safety management experience
ATPL/H Pilot/Line Instructor – 6,400 flight hoursPreviously held positions
Flight Safety Officer, Brazilian Navy Aviation
Executive Chief, Aviation Accidents Prevention and Investigation (SIPAAerM), Brazilian Navy Aviation – 3 years
Flight Instructor, Brazilian Navy Aviation – 15 years
Airline Transport Pilot/Helicopter, Líder Taxi Aereo – 9 years
abrahim_de_almeida_alli Abrahim de Almeida Alli
Technical Manager, Helivia Aero Taxi

30 years Aviation Industry
22 years helicopter operations experience
20 years operations management experience
Previously held positions
Maintenance Manager, Líder Táxi Aéreo – 8 years
Maintenance Manager, Aeróleo Táxi Aéreo – 3 years
Maintenance Manager, Turbomeca Engines – 2 years
Paulo Machado Paulo Machado
Flight Safety Manager, Helivia Aero Taxi
1 year industry-specific experience
20 years helicopter operations experience
8 years flight safety management experience
ATPL/H Pilot – 2,500 flight hoursPreviously held positions
Military, Brazilian Army Aviation – 20 years
Commander, Helicopter Company, Brazilian Army Aviation
Operations Officer/Flight Safety Officer, Helicopter Battalion

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